224S Brush / Tempting Fate

€ 35,00

224S Brush / Tempting Fate

A limited-edition, tapered brush that sheerly applies and blends eye shadow and is perfect for contouring the creases.

€ 35,00
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"Indulge in opulence with a luxurious, special-edition blending brush enrobed in gilded baroque packaging. The M·A·C 224S Brush is a tapered blending brush that sheerly applies and blends eye shadow and is perfect for contouring the creases. It has soft and wispy fibres that taper to form a medium-sized dome shape – ideal for blending out harsh lines. The rounded tip provides enough control to contour eyes, while also being lightweight enough to softly diffuse any form of eye shadow or pigment. This brush can also be used to precisely highlight brow bones or the nose. This best-selling brush is a must-have in every makeup bag. Our 100% synthetic brushes incorporate the latest innovations in fibre technology for superior performance and improved longevity."

Eigenschappen en voordelen
"•Expertly engineered with high-grade synthetic fibres that are resistant to breakage•Non-porous fibres that are easy to clean"
Hoe te gebruiken
"•Use by either sweeping, swirling or stippling to apply or blend colour.CARING TIPS•Proper care will maintain the integrity and quality of the bristles so they continue to deliver perfectly consistent results over time.•Dagelijks onderhoud: Clean brushes using a soft cloth or a towel dampened with M·A·C Brush Cleanser. Gently wipe brush head over the cloth until all makeup has been removed.•Wekelijks onderhoud: Wash brushes using M·A·C Brush Cleanser and warm water. Maak de borstel nat en zorg ervoor dat de borstelkop naar beneden is gericht om te voorkomen dat er water in het omhulsel sijpelt, terwijl je de vezels zachtjes met je vingers masseert - naar de punt toe. Goed spoelen. Knijp voorzichtig overtollig water uit de borstelkop, veeg af op een zachte handdoek en breng de vezels voorzichtig terug in hun oorspronkelijke vorm. Leg de borstel plat op een schone handdoek en laat hem op natuurlijke wijze drogen. Do not stand up or use until completely dry."
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